Laziza = Delicious = Delicious

For some time now, the CSRA has been missing a place that would cater to those who yearned for more exotic cuisine; those who wanted to step outside the box of burgers and fries or burritos and tortilla chips. Laziza Mediterranean Grill was born with that in mind.

When you first walk into Laziza, you’ll discover a huge skewer of flavorful, marinated chicken rotating slowly on a vertical broiler. We slice it thin, wrap it in a warm pita, and top it with fresh toppings. Or, perhaps you’d prefer kebabs of seasoned ground beef or flame-broiled chicken served on a bed of steamed rice. At Laziza, the important thing to remember is that whether you choose the juicy shawarma, crispy falafel, or one of the four flavors of homemade hummus, everything is made FRESH when you order, with only the freshest ingredients. FRESH!

It’s more than just delicious, it’s Laziza!

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